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Increased potency is the most efficient means

To start the theme from the statistics is bad form, but in talking about the potency it is an occasion for serious reflection. After all, every fourth man in the world is experiencing the issue of impotence. And again, statistically, it is the most powerless, begins very early — at the age of 21. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon to any one specific cause. Because each body reacts differently to subjective factors, such as polluted air, stress and even the frantic pace of modern life. Just imagine that 150 million people on our planet suffer from erectile dysfunction, in plain language — from impotence. What should I do to not get these sad statistics, or the eternal question — how to deal with it? The answers are, but a lot depends on the man himself, even as his desire to conquer the illness. We divide our material into four parts, each of which can provide a panacea for a man faced with a serious problem in your life.

Part 1. Folk remedies to increase potency. Traditional medicine in the fight against male disease Getting used to the synthetic solution to the problem, many of us have forgotten the old grandfather's methods, which were the result, and in consequence became the basis for medicines. The level of the male hormone can increase herbs and natural products. Among natural remedies to increase potency can be distinguished Tribulus and ginseng.
Tribulus terrestris, a medicinal herb, has gained popularity even in ancient times. Scientifically speaking, it increases the amount produced of luteinizing hormone which, in turn, gives the signal to testosterone. She looks not too presentable as puncture vine, but works effectively. Tribulus is a major component of the drug Tribestan. Indigenous to Africa and Northern Australia. It is very important, taking this plant, to know where it grew. It's kind of a fad, but efficiency depends on the. Ginseng Medicinal properties of ginseng also known since the times of Ancient Greece. Ginseng gives energy and strength to the body, therefore it is effective for potency. Moreover, unlike the action of Tribulus, ginseng increases the hormone of happiness — endorphin and decreases the production of the hormone cortisol, the enemy of testosterone, inhibiting its effect. So with the result you will get a charge of good mood. To cook a miraculous potion from the plants required a ginseng root. It is poured in 4 liters of vodka or alcohol, diluted to 40 %, leave for 12 hours in a cool place and drink three times a day. Trusting folk experience, must act consistently and systematically. The main thing is to be patient and not give up. Treatment will come, even if not immediately. Extrarenal before intercourse: 1 liter of white wine mixed with a glass of orange juice and half a Cup of lemon, 1 tsp liqueur mixed with 2 tbsp of honey and a quarter teaspoon and cloves, and cardamom, add a few mint leaves. The resulting mixture was heated, but not boiling, put in 3 days in the fridge, strain and take warmed before intercourse. In other cases, prolonged use of these natural products. Milk and nuts for potency Milk and nuts is a favorite and effective method to increase potency at the southern and Caucasians To get the effect from these products you need within a month, every day to eat a Cup of shelled walnuts and drink their milk, the reception can be divided into three parts. Carrot and honey Carrot and honey: amazing, but it helps. Freshly squeezed carrot juice mixed with the same quantity of natural honey. Take 60 g three times a day. Parsnip root Condiment as medicine parsnip root in combination with your favorite meat. Three tablespoons of parsnip root lubricated with sunflower oil. This add seasoning to meat or fish dishes. White mushrooms White mushrooms are not only excellent food. The composition porcini includes fungin — a substance that stimulates blood flow to the sex organ. Mushrooms should be consumed in any form and quantity, but with a sense of proportion. Other products In the list of foods that increase potency, also include: quail eggs, prunes, seafood aloe, parsley, veal, celery, dairy products. Among the medicinal plants in the fight against male disease the most effective: hawthorn, Daisy, lemongrass, celandine, St. John's wort, Dubrovnik, asparagus, dodder, aralia, anemone, snowdrop, rodilla, Shandra, lire, Ruta, yarutka, podlesnik, pasternik, agrisnet, a cut, Shilajit, strekelia.
Be happy and healthy!